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Baldur's Gate 3 hotfix addresses Gale’s romance scene, a number of bugs, visible points, extra

A brand new hotfix is obtainable for Baldur’s Gate 3, addressing a number of bugs, visible points and blockers.

One of the problems mounted is Gale’s romance scene. Apparently, it was enjoying in what regarded like “some sort of black void,” however with Hotfix 11, the “atmosphere is restored.” That’s excellent news.

Speaking of romance, kissing animations for Astarion are nonetheless tousled, however the growth workforce is at the moment engaged on a repair.

You can look over all the listing of fixes beneath.

  • You can now use soaps encountered in savegames earlier than Patch 4.
  • Fixed the sport typically freezing indefinitely after a response to a spell that hits you with a number of projectiles.
  • Fixed a crash after utilizing a response that causes an assault in opposition to a useless creature.
  • Fixed a problem inflicting you to get caught in sure dialogues unable to proceed.
  • Fixed a blocker that might happen when making an attempt to Long Rest.
  • Dominated followers will now observe the get together as anticipated after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed Gale’s romance scene enjoying in what appears like a black void.
  • Fixed a Dark Urge flashback by chance teleporting you to the Lower City.
  • The Cursed Skulls in Jannath’s Estate at the moment are weak to Force and Radiant harm.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented sure characters from executing their behaviours.
  • Fixed residents and refugees in Baldur’s Gate typically jittering in regards to the place or not utilizing their correct animations.
  • Fixed some visible artifacts showing at camp in relation to Dark Urge and Karlach dialogues. This additionally solved the bloodstain beneath Alfira immediately turning into bigger after loading a savegame.
  • Wyll and Minthara ought to now correctly kiss a second time with out the necessity to retrigger the dialogue.
  • Fixed a problem the place a companion’s camp evening dialogue might be changed by a unique dialogue that could not set off throughout a earlier evening.

Nicki Fletcher
Nicki Fletcher
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