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League of Legends Devs Encourage Creativity and Variety in the New Soul Fighter Event

To foster creativity and prevent a stagnant meta, Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, have implemented restrictions on data collection for the new Arena mode. The introduction of these limitations aims to encourage players to develop their own builds and explore different strategies, rather than relying solely on statistically “optimal” choices.

The Soul Fighter Event and the Augment System

The new Arena mode is set to debut in patch 13.14 as part of the League’s highly anticipated Soul Fighter event. This mode introduces a thrilling 2v2v2v2 format where each run-through offers a unique experience. At the core of the Arena mode lies the Augment system, which grants players random upgrades for their champions throughout the game.

To preserve the experimental nature of the mode, Riot Games has decided to curtail the sharing of data related to Augments and the Arena mode. This includes withholding information such as win rates and specific Augment performance. In the patch notes, Riot explains that their objective is to create an environment where players can freely experiment and witness significant shifts in the meta as the mode progresses.

Shifting Data Policies for Arena Mode

Riot Games acknowledges that this data-sharing approach deviates from their previous practices, particularly concerning Summoner’s Rift. Their intention is for the Arena mode to become a space for players to engage in theorycrafting and contribute to the evolution of the meta in a more organic manner, rather than being solely driven by raw win rate data.

The developers believe that relying too heavily on win rate data can lead to a stagnant meta, ultimately diminishing the overall enjoyment of the game. However, Riot will still provide considerable data to allow players to make informed decisions based on factors such as pick rates and subjective recommendations from experienced players.

The Uncharted Territory of the Arena Meta

Considering the vast array of over 100 augments available in the game, it remains uncertain how the Arena meta will unfold. With no runes or summoner spells in the mode, players will be left to their own devices to uncover effective strategies and determine what works best for them. The limited data available to players adds an element of mystery and excitement to the process of discovering optimal builds.

Prominent figures in the League of Legends community, including LS, have already begun exploring the meta through their experiences on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). LS’s tier lists and theorycrafting have sparked discussions within the community, with some expressing concerns that overly optimizing gameplay can detract from the fun and experimentation that the mode aims to encourage. However, LS maintains that his approach is his personal way of enjoying the mode.

As the Arena mode unfolds and more players delve into its intricacies, it remains to be seen whether the League of Legends community will be able to “solve” this new game mode, or if the developers’ desire for a dynamic and ever-changing meta will prevail.


Riot Games’ decision to restrict data collection in the new Arena mode marks a departure from their previous data-sharing practices. By encouraging players to experiment and devise their own strategies, the developers hope to foster a diverse and dynamic meta. The implementation of the Augment system, along with the absence of runes and summoner spells, adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the mode.

As players embark on their journey through the Arena, they will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, discover new possibilities, and contribute to the evolving meta. With a vast array of Augments waiting to be explored, the future of the Arena mode holds endless potential for innovative gameplay and thrilling battles.

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