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The greatest Zelda film has already been made

The Zelda video games are a patchwork of influences from the broader world of fantasy. Its most blatant inspiration is Studio Ghibli, significantly Castle within the Sky and Princess Mononoke. And there’s greater than a bit Peter Pan in there too.

There’s arguably already a bunch of Zelda motion pictures.Watch on YouTube

Given that The Legend of Zelda is already closely impressed by movie, does it even have something to meaningfully contribute to that medium? It’s not 1,000,000 miles away from the Uncharted problem: Uncharted is, basically, Indiana Jones in recreation kind. It wears that affect on its sleeve, and it really works fantastically as a leaping off level for the video games. But when Uncharted turns into a film, it is mainly simply an Indiana Jones clone. And a second-rate one at that.

So, can Zelda make the transition to the large display with out turning into a pale shadow of different, higher fantasy movies? Or is it attainable that director Wes Ball and producers Avi Arad and Shigeru Miyamoto could make one thing actually nice? Let us know what you assume within the feedback.

Nicki Fletcher
Nicki Fletcher
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